Our Core Expertise

Applied Intellect leads Intelligent Results

If there is one word which sums up our approach, it is INTELLECT. Professionals attend our conferences to network, of course, but their primary purpose is to learn: learn about new techniques, new technology, and new concepts from top specialists to help them grow their businesses. We profoundly respect this view. Our recent successes in Dubai and Qatar with B2B events built around the complex subject matter of Big Data, for instance, are the declaration of our goal to bring back the age old reason of hosting conferences & forums – to share insightfulness and bring the intellect at the forefront!

Bizwingz organizes all its conferences, forums & congresses on the premise that the true experts on any issue are not to be found in-house: they are located worldwide. One of our key responsibilities is to persuade leading specialists in the subject matter in question to join us in the Middle East, GCC and North Africa for each of our conference.

We invite these selected experts, people with established academic and/or professional reputations from all across the globe – to join the Honorary Advisory Board for each Bizwingz conference. In this way we gather the best intellects to help select up-to-the-minute topics, pick the most informed international and regional speakers – and differentiate our product from the run-of-the mill events organised by so many others. Our experts offer rigorous views, plus robust internal commentary, and they make the true difference in the quality of our programmes.

Bizwingz Production House has a dedicated focus on events related to IT, business intelligence, and knowledge transfer and leadership development.


Bizwingz Conferences and Workshop programmes invite businesses to keep up with current industry trends and learn about cutting-edge technology, while promoting information-sharing, network development and discussion with leading industry experts.


Bizwingz Exhibitions and trade shows provide businesses with a platform to engage thousands of potential buyers, showcase innovation, share information and network with other industry players in the Middle East and Emerging Markets.

Managed Events

Bizwingz Managed Events organises industry events, seminars, conferences and road shows from start to nish - from design, planning and development, to promotion, marketing and implementation.


Keeping “Intellect” at the heart of everything what we do, Bizwingz’ Training Division hosts a broad range of trainings, and virtual events catering to various sectors including Oil & Gas, Construction & Infrastructure, Healthcare & Hospitality, ICT & Big Data, Safety & Security and other emerging segments.

By engaging an international cohort of leading faculty, speakers & instructors, Bizwingz is able to provide forward thinking content to keep members at the forefront of their specific industry. Bizwingz uses the wealth of expertise to offer unique corporate training for diverse companies and recognize premier in the field through the Professional Certified Marketer program.


We also operate complete turnkey projects which include market research, design, planning and management of all aspects of an event across every industry sector. Bizwingz is a client- oriented event management service focused on delivering high quality, innovative and cost effective event platforms, from vertical workshops and masterclasses, through the gamut of specialised Summits and Forums to Product launches and Corporate Road Shows.