About Us

Bizwingz Production House is a business information company that works in Key Industry Sectors, Delivering Several Business platforms for professional organizations and solution providers in a purely business-to-business environment.

At Bizwingz we facilitate exclusive and intimate result-oriented business platforms, that bring together senior-level decision makers such as C-level executives, High-Net-Worth-Individuals, Industry Experts and International Solution Providers all in a captive 5-star business environment. This fosters effective communication, networking opportunities, deal-making opportunities, as well as business development opportunities.

In this era of unprecedented global social and economic change, we strongly believe that a sustained approach towards business development through the means of hosting business platforms such as ours will not only help markets nurture itself but also help organizations achieve their respective goals in a sustained manner.

Bizwingz has been active in the Indian market across several business sectors- and has developed a very strong relationship with some of the big players.



Interactive panel discussions


Educational workshops

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